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Massage Deals around Cairns

Whole Body Massage

A whole body massage can be a wonderfully nourishing and relaxing experience, good for body and soul. The overall benefits of massage, such as improved circulation, soothed nerves and relaxed muscles, and the general sense of well-being that results? Make it a great way to maintain good health. Massaging the entire body also enhances body awareness, giving us a more complete body image and making us feel more whole.

When we do succumb to the stresses and strains of life, then often a massage can help to restore the harmony that we have lost. The following sequence, which should take about one hour, takes you step by step through the whole body. It is just one possible way of doing a massage- As you become more familiar with the strokes and with giving massage you will develop your own sequences and discover many other techniques. Stay aware with your hands, and use them to “listen” to your partner’s body. See if you can put your whole body behind your movements, and let them come from your hara (see p. 19) and pelvis. Try, also, to regard the massage as a kind dance or a piece of music. As you go, flow from one part of the body to another and develop your own natural rhythm. The head is the main control centre of the body, and in the protective cave of the skull lies the amazing brain – a vastly complex and mysterious organ. The head is also the seat of two of the chakras, or energy centres (see p. 12), found along the centre line of the body- The Crown chakra, at the top of the head, is related to our essence and spirituality? And the pineal or Brow chakra, at the centre of the forehead, is related to clear seeing, intuition and intellect. In a head-oriented culture, we sometimes find our mind racing and overloaded. Instead of clarity of thought we experience confusion and weariness. The result of this is often a headache. There are a variety of other causes for headaches – one of the commonest is stress, which can create tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and scalp. Other types of headache include those resulting from sinus congestion, colds or flu; menstrualrelated headaches; headaches following whiplash or neck injury? And migraines – recurring, throbbing headaches, which may be accompanied by nausea or vomiting. Both massage and Shiatsu have effective treatments for headaches and head congestion, so in the following pages we have included helpful sequences from both.

Throughout history we have used our hands to impart comfort and healing to one another. Touching is contact, warmth, reassurance that we are not alone, affirmation of our sense of being and self-worth. It is a simple way of communicating, something we all do naturally. And with a little willingness and commitment we can turn this natural talent into a creative healing skill, by learning the basic strokes and techniques of massage and widening our vocabulary in the language of touch. Our sense of touch is registered by our skin – our largest and most sensitive organ. In the developing embryo, the skin arises from the same cell layer as the nervous system and can thus be seen as the external portion of the nervous system – able to receive and register a vast quantity of varied signals, and to make a wide range of responses to them. Also, touch is the first sense to become functional in the embryo.

The value of massage

The intent that goes with touch makes all the difference to its effect. When we lay our hands on another with compassion and good-will many subtle changes take place. Gentle holding and cause transformations both physically and psychologicallyIn the 1920s in Philadelphia the anatomist Frederick Hammett and other American researchers in the 1950s and 60s conducted experiments with groups of rats to investigate the effects of touch. Some were consistently handled and stroked and others were not. The rats that were regularly touched showed faster growth rates, better immunity to disease and higher fertility and were subject to stress than those that were not. It is well known, that for infants, fondling and tender touch that go beyond the basic needs for food and cleanliness are vital for life. In America, between 1910 and 1935, studies of babies in institutions were conducted by Drs. Chapin and Knox and J. Brennemann. They found that many babies died in infancy and others showed clear signs of disturbance and poor physical and emotional development as a result of too little tactile stimulation. Physiologically 5 caring touch and massage help the flow of blood and lymph in our bodies. Touch can also decrease our blood pressure and heart rate, soothe our nerves and decrease tension? Producing relaxation and a state of well-being. It has been suggested that massage may aid the production of endorphins morphine within’7), the brain chemicals that function as natural pain-killers. One of these, enkephalin, has the ability to reduce pain and produces a state of mind akin to euphoria.

Massage Deals around Cairns

The experience of being nourished and cared for and allowing ourselves to receive healing touch affirms our self-esteem, creates trust and openness and can sometimes facilitate the release of blocked emotions as tense muscles relax. Touch can make us feel valued, peaceful and more aware of our whole body and being. It is not only receiving touch that is beneficial, however. Giving massage is also highly rewarding. There is pleasure in the physical contact and in feeling the contours and undulations of the body as bones and other tissues. There is enjoyment in knowing the body, in being alive to its different tensions and energies, and in realizing that you can care for and help another. There is also satisfaction in experiencing the results of your massage as you feel muscles relaxing and realize that your concern and your touch can help to stimulate the receiver’s own healing process. Often the interaction between the giver and receiver induces a similar state in both – a state that is very similar to meditation.

Massage Deals around Cairns


Bridging the head and the shoulders, the neck is a busy junction where a huge amount of activity takes place. Major blood vessels in the neck link the body to the head. The spinal nerves travel through the vertebrae of the neck and on down the spine, carrying messages between the brain and all other parts of the body. And the throat houses the voice-box, as well as the passages for food and air. The shoulder joints have the widest range of movement in the body? And the whole shoulder and neck area can be easily strained by overuse, unwise lifting or sudden jarring movements. Massage Deals around Cairns

When we are under stress, it is the shoulder and neck muscles that tend to hold tension the most. This area also links with the Throat ckakra, which relates to the expression of feelings ice. “Heart” feelings (see Heart chakra are also expressed through the arms. When we bottle up our feelings we actually tighten muscles in the throat, shoulder and chest area to hold them in. Tense raised shoulders can reflect fear, being the posture of the “startle reflex” when we galvanize ourselves to meet some real or imagined threat, for all these reasons this area often causes us discomfort. CHEST The chest is the emotional centre of the body, housing our Heart cKakra, which relates to compassion, love and selfdevelopment.


Massage Deals around Cairns

It is also the centre of breathing and if our chest is not constricted by tension, the ribcage expands and contracts freely as we inhale and exhale. Any tension in the chest area will restrict the breath and hence limit the amount of oxygen that we take in and use. Chest problems are often due to bottling up feelings – hence the expression “get it off your chest”. Asthma attacks, though often an allergic reaction, may also be triggered by anxiety and upset. Those who suffer from chest problems can try cutting down dairy produce (thought to create mucus) and those who smoke should give it up. The following pages contain strokes that will help loosen mucus from the chest, and others that will aid and deepen the breathing. VC^hen massaging this area, bear in mind open” than the back. Before beginning, rest both hands gently on your partner’s chest and tune in to the breathing rhythm. If your partner is undressed, oil and soothe the chest first, using the strokes from the whole body massage. Massage Deals around Cairns

Massage Deals around Cairns


Our arms are crucial for our survival and how we relate to the world. Ever since we stood upright during the process of evolution we have been able to use our arms for a whole variety of activities, These thumbs probably make our hands the most skilful biological organs to have evolved. Our arms and hands are also vehicles of self-expression. They relate to the Throat and Heart chakras (see p. 12) and with them we are able to express a huge range of feelings – from reaching out tenderly in love and affection, to expressing hatred and rage by beating or hitting, to warding off danger. As the arms, wrists and hands are so mobile and are used constantly in everyday activities, the joints and muscles can be subject to sprains or strains if they are stressed or overstretched (see p.90). These injuries can respond well to massage in their recuperative stages. Tennis elbow is a common strain of the arm for which we have given a massage sequence here. Hands and arms can also sometimes suffer from cramps, and the joints from rheumatic complaints such as arthritis (see p. 92). Careful working with massage around the joints of the hand can bring relief and comfort.

Massage Deals around Cairns


The stomach and belly are a soft, sensitive, muscle-covered area of the body, unprotected by encircling bones (though the lower abdomen is in part protected by the bowl of the pelvis). Long ago, when we first became upright, we exposed our tender bellies to the world. This made us more vulnerable, but also able to relate more sensitively to one another. The stomach is also linked to the Solar plexus chakra (see p. 12), which is the seat of raw emotional energy? Often of fear, but also of change and transmutation. Also on this level is the diaphragm, which separates chest from abdomen. Our breathing pattern is a vital gauge of our physical and emotional health. Stomach problems, such as indigestion, are often linked to anxiety and emotional causes; a surge of adrenalin can provoke a sudden sick feeling in the stomach.

The belly houses the gut and also our “gut feelings”. The fiara chafer a, below the navel, is our centre of gravity 5 strength and vitality- This is the centre from which we “ground” ourselves through our legs – It is also closely linked with our sexuality. Tension and congestion here may cause constipation, flatulence or menstrual pain. Both massage and Shiatsu can help to ease complaints in the abdominal area.


The back is the strength area of the body. Yet despite its strength more people have a back problem at some time in their lives than any other ailment. Lack of regular exercise, poor posture, tension and stress all contribute to our backs’ proneness to aches and strains, and sometimes to more serious problems. One of these, the “slipped disc” occurs when the pad of cartilage between two vertebrae ruptures and some of the gel-like nucleus protrudes and presses against a nerve. Vet this is not always the cause of back pain. The large muscles of the back can suffer from strains that massage can often ease. The mid-back area relates to the Solar plexus chakra, which is linked with emotion and change, and the lower back connects with both the Hara (strength, vitality and lower back connects with both the tiara (strenguij viwmj situation). Many back problems, and particularly those located in the lower back area, seem to have emotional causes, often linked to energy blocks and withheld mobility in the pelvic area. Since it is so vital to your back’s health to have sufficient flexibility in the joints and muscles, we have included exercises to help your back to regain or retain its suppleness.

Massage Deals around Cairns


Our legs and feet support us, transport us, and connect us with ground beneath. They link with our sense of security and stability -or lack of it. Many expressions in our language reflect the legs connection with security: “to stand on our own two feet”; “to stand our ground”; “to be a person of standing” and “having our feet firmly on the ground” can give us a false sense of security 5 but in fact this increases our susceptibility to shock or injury as it makes our joints less flexible. The legs link with the hara (our centre of gravity) and the Root ckakra (our grounding and root situation in life, ). The Root chakra is at the base of the spine and it is from here that the nerves emerge to supply the legs and feet, which are indeed our “mobile roots”. Our feet are complex structures, each having 26 bones and an arch, which have to support the weight of the whole body above, and act as shock absorbers. Massage brings awareness to our legs and feet, helps to improve our circulation, clears waste toxins and generally increases our sense of connection with the ground. Sprains and strains A strain is an injury to muscle fibres or ligaments that have been forcibly stretched beyond their proper length. This can result in some local pain and perhaps swelling.

A sprain is more severe and is caused by a violent wrench or twist, causing tearing of the muscle fibres or the ligaments of a joint, resulting in pain, swelling and bruising. The most common areas to be affected are wrists, ankles and backs. These are both common injuries that can be helped by massage in the recovery stages, but you will need to follow the process outlined below. Having ascertained from a doctor that no bones are broken, the best initial treatment for sprains and strains is an ice pack or a cold-water compress if no ice is available. Then you should apply a bandage and support the joint, elevating it if possible. Rest for between 24 and 48 hours, or until tenderness has subsided. Remedial massage treatment can then begin. Don’t work directly on swollen areas, but start with gentle gliding strokes that push up toward the heart, above the injury. In the case of a sprained ankle, for example, work first from knee to thigh, and then from ankle to knee, to help disperse the fluid (see below). As the injury heals you can begin to work all around the area with careful kneading and friction strokes, finally, where possible, you can work with passive movements to help restore mobility. Always keep within the threshold of pain. Massage Deals around Cairns

You could use a mixture of lavender and rosemary essences (see p.21). Arthritis There are many different kinds of arthritis, all of them involving the joints. The most common are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a generalized disease that can start in childhood, usually in the small bones of the hands or feet. Joints become very painful, swollen and inflamed, and the condition can spread throughout the body. Osteoarthritis is a disease of later life, linked with wear and tear and mechanical It is often found first in the lower neck and lower back, and can occur in joints where there have been previous injuries. Massage can help to reduce pain in both these ailments. However, if a joint is swollen or inflamed do not work on it. You may give it hand healing by just resting your hands lightly on the painful area for several minutes while remaining centred. Then work with light gliding strokes above the swelling, in the direction of the heart. Where there is no swelling you can use whatever strokes feel good to your partner, from the section of the book that deals with that part of the bodyBefore doing passive movements on arthritic ) oints check with a doctor to see if this is alright and then always go very sensitively and keep within the pain threshold. Never force movements beyond their range. General soothing, slow stroking and gentle kneading and thumb circling around the affected areas can be comforting and relaxing. Rosemary and lavender essences solved in oil will also help to alleviate pain

Massage Deals around Cairns

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