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Welcome to Spa 4 Me…..I just want to tell you a little about how this site works!!

You can purchase a voucher for a treatment with us from this site then call

0408 054 538

Alternatively you can call 0408 054 538 to make an appointment.  We have a minimum 24 hour cancellation time otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will be incurred.

This is a Deals site for all Spa treatments, Alternative Medicine Treatments, Holistic Healing and Natural Therapy treatments.  We are also providing some really exciting and innovative treatments – such as massage in nature (we take the massage table and place it in nature…..under an ancient tree or besides a remote waterfall or even in the ocean….and you get to relax, restore and let nature raise your energy and vibration once again!)

Purchase a Voucher by selecting your preferred deal and then you can call me

on 0408 054 538.

You can also contact us via email on – or

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions page.

I am very excited for you that you are here on this site….and as a healer I have designed this site from every angle……as a person who likes to have healings, as a therapist who has given many of these healings and still does, as a spa owner/manager and as a person who refers my friends to have treatments with great therapists.  I have sourced the best spas/clinics and therapists up here in far north Queensland so that you get the very best help.  I have designed this so that you can receive this help in an exclusive way or in a more affordable way.  It is up to you….if you need help deciding…please call me….I can help you with your selection process……many thanks and kind regards


0408 054 538

Massage Deals/spa treatments/alternative medicine/holistic health/natural therapies.

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