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Cairns Botox Clinic

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Body Electrical Treatments

Most Body electrical treats are used as par of a program designed specifically for | clients to allow them to lose weight or recontour their body- Electrical equipment may be contour their body. Electrical equipment may be introduced.

? when the client is on a weight-reducing diet-the use of electrical equipment can increase the effec tiveness of the diet

• to provide a variety of treatment, motivating and maintaining the client’s interest

I when specific areas only need to be treated to effect a localised reduction.

It must be stressed to the client that use of electrical equipment alone is not enough to lose weight or re-contour the body- The essential ingredients in an effective body treatment program are:

Cairns Botox Clinic

weight-reducing tiealtliy diet

t to increase the amount of physical exercise taken • the application of appropriate body treatments W a beauty therapist.

The electrical treatments offered by the beauty therapist include:

• vibratory treatments

I vacuum suction massage treatments

which includes high frequency treatment, galvanic treatment, electrical muscle stimulation and microcurrent treatment.


Cairns Botox Clinic

Vibratory treatment is a form of mechanical massage and there are three types:

I Percussion. Machines work only on a vertical plane, which means the movements they make are only up and down, equivalent to tapotement or hacking. The percussion vibrator is used mainly in facial therapy

• Gyrators. Machines work on a vertical and horizontal plane. The movements are up and down as well as circular, simulating the actions of effleur and are used in body therapy

I Audio sonic. Machines use sound wave vibrations to achieve their effects and may be used when other types of vibratory treatment are contraindicated.

Cairns Botox Clinic

(3yratory vibrator

%This machine was designed by M- Henri Cuinier and is usually known as the model number and this model is still used today

The gyratory vibrator is the most commonly used used for body work are normally free standing on a I Pedestal, notor is heavy-duty with an air-cooling system so j that it does not overheat with prolonge use. From motor comes a flexible insulated arm to “which applicator heads are attached to perform treatment All the applicators are kept in an accessory tra^/ on t the pedestal base.

Machine has several different applicator • heads made from polyurethane or rubber, and they come in various shapes and sizes. They arc all used during treatment to achieve similar effects to those of manual massage:

• The sponge heads are used for effleurage• The hard rubber heads are used for petrissage• The spiky and brush heads are used to simulate similar effects to those produced by tapotement.

The selection of the applicator head used depends upon the area being treated, and the depth may be controlled t>y varying: • the pressure applied • the type of applicator used.

Cairns Botox Clinic

Applicator heads

• The round sponge applicator is used with light pressure at the beginning and end of treatment. It produces a hyperaemia and relaxes the client.

F The curved sponge applicator is used on those parts of the body that it moulds to, such as the limbs and shoulders. Effleurage in manual massage.

T The pincushion applicator is made from rubber with many round-ended protrusions and is effective in the treatment of rough skin. It produces a Iiyperaemia and desquamates the skin.

T The heavy pronged applicator is a rubber applicator with larger protrusions than the pincushion. It provides depth to the massage movements and is used in areas of solid subcutaneous fat or thick tissue.

I The football applicator is made of rubber and used dense areas such as the gluteals (buttocks) • It also used for kneading of the colon.

9 The egg box applicator is a rubber applicator and is used with deep pressure in dense fleshy areas such as gluteals and thighs.

I The lighthouse applicator is rubber-tipped and may be used on either side of the spine, but great care must be taken to avoid irritation or damage to the vertebrae. It is also used on the colon.

• The sucker applicator is a round rubber head, the surface of which is covered W small suckers. It is suitable when treating a client with a cellulite problem. The treatment should combine some manual massage movements with the mechanical application, thereby combining the depth of the vibratory treatment with the personal touch of the manual massage

Cairns Botox Clinic

Effects of G5

9 It stimulates the circulatory system, blood supply to the area being treated, so providing nourishment to the skin and muscles and improving skin colour

t It improves lymphatic flow and aids elimination of waste products. This is particularly important for a cellulite condition.

I It has a desquamating effect on the surface of the skin.

I It relaxes tense muscles.

• It eases muscular pain.

• It penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layer helping the dispersal of fatty deposits.

• It motivates clients by helping them to achieve the desired results in a weight-reduction and body shaping plan.

Cairns Botox Clinic

Audio sonic vibrator

This is a sound wave vibrator which is placed on the skin, vibrating smoothly up and down and gently assaging the tissues. Contact is maintained over the area being treated and the vibrations penetrate quite deep into the underlying tissues.

Sound waves are transmitted to the area requiring treatment through a sound head which is applied without pressure to the surface of the skin. There are two applicators, a round ball-shaped head providing sound waves to a small area and a disc-shaped head with a larger surface area for normal use. The sound waves can penetrate up to six centimetres within the body, allowing the therapist to treat areas which are ii inaccessible to conventional manipulative techniques. When the sound wave energy produced has been absorbed by the body tissues the sound waves t cease to travel further.

The vibrator is used normally for the specific effect of relieving tension in tense contracted muscles but § may also be used when the use of Oratory vibrators contraindicated because of hypersensitivity*

unit is quite small and is handheld. Therefore, only small areas can be treated effectivelytissues are very gently stimulated and this treatment is most effective on areas of soft tissue which offer little resistance. The effects achieved are deep in the little resistance. The effects achieved are deep in tne ) the skin, making this an excellent treatment for sensitive skin

Phvsioloqical effects of audio sonic m Massage occurs at a cellular level deep within the tissue.

Cairns Botox Clinic

T There is an immediate tightening of cell wall membranes.

Cellular activity is increased and metabolism improved.

• Warmth is produced in the tissues.

• The increase in circulation supplies nourishment the area.

9 The Emphatic system is stimulated, waste products are removed more efficiently* I Tension nodules are relaxed.

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